Sales Tips for Auto Transport Brokers

01. (6) is The Magic Number

You should always make at least (6) contact attempts for each lead by both phone and e-mail.

You also should make at least (6) sales attempts
“Too many sales professionals view objections as obstacles, when they should instead view them as opportunities,” says Hal Becker in his book, Can I Have Five Minutes of Your Time?. Becker, a former top salesman for Xerox, says that 63% of sales are made after the fifth rejection.

“You need to hear five no’s before you hear a yes,” Becker writes. Unfortunately, he notes, 75% of all salespeople give up after their first rejection.

This was written long before the time of Cell Phones and even Caller ID. So keep this in mind as it seems like we are in a time where people prefer not to answer their phone for unknown callers likely due to the robocaller epidemic.

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02. Quality E-mail Design is More Important Than Ever

It’s more important than ever to e-mail leads. Many people simply don’t like giving out their phone number, and prefer to be contacted via e-mail. Don’t just send them a basic text e-mail… invest in a professionally designed e-mail. At the very least use an e-mail template.

03. You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Great First Impression

This applies not only to your e-mail, but your logo, brand, web site and any other materials your customer sees. Again, invest in the services of a professional designer for your materials or at the very least use templates. If you DIY, and create materials in Microsoft Word for example, potential customers will notice, and it will decrease your chances of converting. Even a small detail such as having an unprofessional sounding company name can harm your sales performance in a big way.