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We offer comprehensive leads packages for auto transport business owners around the nation. We offer brokers the fresh leads they need to help their sales team succeed. We have a team of SEO geeks that leverage online traffic to harvest the most potentially profitable leads you can buy.

Auto Transport Leads Guide

Looking for a Auto Transport Leads? Our team of trained sales professionals are there to help you along the way, showing you tips, tools and using power closing techniques to drive it home for the BIG sale.

We hope to be the best leads resource for your business to thrive and keep afloat in today's hard economy. Try our leads and you too will believe money can grow on trees.

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Crunching the numbers

  • $1435.50 Investment - (969) leads @ $1.50
  • $9302.40 Orders Total - (62) Orders @ $150 commission

$7,848.90 Profit

400% ROI

Try our ROI calculator

How to start an auto transport business

Here's a useful step by step guide we created to help you start up an vehicle transport company. Starting is surprisingly simple. That's why so many new companies are springing up every day.


  • Low start up costs under $2,500
  • Be your own Boss
  • Set your own hours
  • Work from home, or open an office
  • Affordable leads from $1.50
  • Make over $100k/year

Minimal start up costs:

  • BMC-85 (1 year Bond) - $1,000 Will be $7,500 October 2013
  • Corporation Fee (1 year) - $100
  • OP-1 (1 year Operating Authority) - $300
  • 500 Leads (minimum recommended) - $750
  • Web site - $500

How much money can I make?

  • Average closing ratio for an experienced broker is 5%.
  • Experienced brokers purchase (1,000) leads/mo. or more.
  • (1,000) leads @ $1.50 costs $1,500.
  • Closing 5% of (1,000) leads would result in (25) orders.
  • (25) orders at $150 commission each would total $7,500 in sales.

Minus the investment of $1,500 is a

$6,000 Profit

That's a 300% ROI.

The key to maximizing profit is to get as many leads as you can handle.

1. Get incorporated

Visit the IRS web site and fill out the details to get an EIN

2. File with your state

File then print out your details.

3. Open a business banking account

24 hours after you filed with your State, bring your paperwork to your bank and open a business account.

4. Apply for an auto transport broker bond

A $10,000 Bond (Insurance) is required and can be purchased for as low as $500/yr.

A B.M.C. - 84 can be purchased for $500 if your credit score is (720) or greater. Otherwise you can get a B.M.C. - 85 for $1,000/yr.

Bonds are available from Transport Financial Services

5. Apply for an Operating Authority (OP-1) or MC Number

Register at the FMCSA website for $300

Allow 10-21 days after you applied for your MC Number for your information to be visible across systems. Then you can move on to the next step.

6. Set up a merchant account to accept payment

Search Google for "Credit Card Processing" or "Merchant Account" and set up a Merchant account with one of the many providers.

7. Get an 800 number for your auto transport company

Get an 800 number for added professionalism. A good solution is One Box that can forward 800 numbers to any phone for $50/mo.

8. Register and set up a C.R.M.

Use CRM (customer relationship management) software to manage your business and customers

Utilizing CRM Software is critical to managing all the details, transactions, customers for your business.

Custom CRM solutions are available from the following providers:

9. Build a website for your auto transport company

Register a domain and hire a designer to build you a web site. A decent designer costs around $500.

10. Get Leads

We connect customers looking to move their vehicle with your company. Give us a call or fill out our form to get leads.